What is a drop fade haircut?

The drop fade haircut is popular among men’s hairstyle because of its innovative style. Drop fade haircut is the variation of classic taper fade haircut and similar to taper fade haircut. The men can choose either low drop fade or high drop fade depends on their face structure. Basically there are two drop fade haircuts and they are skin fade and shadow fade.

Skin fade:  The skin fade starts with zero on the sides and it can trim to any length needed on the top. There will be low, medium and high skin fades.

Shadow fade: The shadow fade is similar to skin fade and it starts at the side and blends to needed length on the top. This shadow fade also have low, medium and high shadow fades.

Types of drop fade haircuts

If you need to change your traditional taper fade into stylish way then you can change by choosing this unique drop fade style. There are 21 drop fade haircut types let’s discuss some of them in detail.

  • Low drop fade
  • Drop fade afro
  • High drop fade
  • Medium drop fade
  • Mid fade haircut
  • Drop fade + waves.

Low drop fade haircut

Low drop fade haircut

Low fade hair cut usually suits for black men. The person who doesn’t want too much trim on the sides can choose this style. This ideal trim low drop fade hair cut well suits for business men, professionals, because the hair cut starts just above the ear and they won’t trim more hairs, so it looks rich and classy. The low fade haircut can be done with the combination of short afro, Mohawk, dreads, waves etc.

Mid fade hair cut

The mid fade hair cut is between low fade and high fade type. In mid fade haircut the hair style looks elegant with long hair on the top and short at sides above the ear. This mid fade hair cut suits for thick, curly, or straight hairs. Some of the best styles of mid fade haircuts are side part, Comb over, slick back, quiff. Let’s discuss some combination of mid fade haircuts.

If you have hard or thick hair with mid skin fade then you can prefer mid skin fade plus hard part comb over, in this same combination you can make the spike style also for that select skin fade plus hard part comb over and spiky hair. This style will suits only for thick hair for thin hair it won’t suit.

If you want short beard and short hair on the top you can choose medium drop fade haircut with ling beard suits well. These hair styles with combination haircuts make you look awesome and stylish.

High drop fade hair cut

The haircut usually starts from the top of the head that will be opposite on sides. This will suits well for black people with the combination of afro, dreadlocks, waves etc. Both on the top and side the hair will be short so you can make some creative design to your head.

Taper fade haircuts

In taper fade the person needs to decide, it should be tapper deeply or not. In this the cutting starts with long hair then medium to low. So it won’t look like razor cut and this taper fade will be appeared like normal hair cut and it won’t be more stylish compared to other styles.

Nowadays, hair styling becomes trendier among youngsters and they spend much time for their styles. In that this drop fade haircut will be good and stylish and you need to prefer some proper saloons and trained barbers for your hair cut.