How to style a modern pompadour?

The pompadour became one of the most classic hairstyles for men. It became most popular in barber shop these days. Making this hairstyle is quite tough for the guys who don’t have experience in working with pomade or hair wax.

There are different types of pompadour style available. From the undercut to the messy, textured and slicked back versions, this pompadour hairstyle will be suitable for any guy’s hair. It is so trendy and also in touch with the traditional sophistication. There is no doubt that this pompadour hairstyle became one of the top men’s hairstyle.

The type of hair varies from person to person like short, long, thin, thick, curly or wavy. The main fundamentals of this pompadour hairstyle are having short hair on the sides of the head and long hair on the top. Styling is more important for getting the best pompadour. Depending on how long your hair is, the pomp on the top will get larger and eye-catching.

Modern Vs Classic pompadour:

Than classic pompadour, modern pompadour is more popular but it is quite tough to differentiate between them. The new pomp is short and has faded sides while the traditional pomp needs more structure and should style the top with longer hair on the sides.

How to style modern pompadour?

While style a modern pompadour, you need good hair styling products. Hair wax and pomade are the main products because it has a strong hold and will make the pomp to remain in its height throughout the day. Apply the following steps to get a good pompadour,

modern pompadour

  • If your hair is thick and difficult to style, then in a towel dried hair, apply pomade or wax.
  • Comb your hair up and back and create a high volume in the front and brush the sides back.
  • Use a brush to hold the longer hair in the front up when your hair is dry. This will help you in shaping the pompadour.
  • When the pompadour gets a good shape, use hair spray to maintain the shape.
  • With pomade or wax, rub your fingers and apply on your hair lightly to coat your hairstyle.

There are different pompadour products available in the market. When you use the pomade of the brands like Suavecito or American crew, it will give you a strong hold and high shine finish. When you use top rated pomade, then it gives you the same high shine finish with natural matte texture.