How to do a simple men’s haircut at home

I’ve been in barber shops for years and have helped many men pick a great hair style for their special needs.

The perfect hair cut for one man might not be the perfect cut for another, depending on whether the hair is long or short, of course straight or naturally curly. If you want doing a simple men’s haircut at home you need to remember these and other factors.

Want to use mousse or gel? Would you like to comb your hair, or look more natural? There’s plenty of models available and choices for making the ideal look for you. So let’s look at some of the styles and choices that work best for different types of hair.

Before we start, be advised that the choices we’re going to concentrate on here are focused on the premise that you want to look good but don’t want to waste much time trying to make your hair look good every day.

But what choices are there to choose from? Let’s look at the ways to do basic men’s haircut, based on the appropriate hair length.

Short-There are a variety of style variants to choose from for the man seeking a short hair style for your dream cut. If you want to name it, you can end up using scissors or clippers with a pretty similar cut on the sides and a little longer length on top. You’ll be able to style your hair in literally one minute if you select this look. Only put a dime of gel in your hands and rub them together and run your fingers through your hair to make it look a spike or a little haircut

Big-What do we mean by “big?” Okay, just between three to four inches in length in the area. All goes through cycles and hair seems to be no exception.

Medium-Long hair styles have largely fallen out of favor but can be very attractive when styled well. Many celebrities can be seen wearing longer models with plenty of shine to them. The key to a great haircut for those who want to wear their hair a little bit on the longer side is having plenty of texture and creating a deliberately allied look.

By now it should be clear that when choosing a haircut there are many things to consider. And you don’t want just someone to trust your hair. For a genuinely great hair cut based on your preferences and hair texture, forget about the hair chains that employ novice stylists straight from cosmetology school and find an experienced local barber who will give you the best haircut of your life.